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Drake Shows Off His New Apartment

Canadian rapper Drake is one of the many who has a great taste in houses, like the one he owns in L.A. where he hosts legendary parties.

Which at a point Drake’s neighbour wasnt cool with, so he filed a noise complaint but Drake being the champagne papi that he is decided that the best course of action was just to buy the guy’s house.

The house cost £2 million. Drake does not care.

Now he’s waiting for a bigger house to be built but he’s staying at a very cozy house which he gave a sneak peek into.

“You know, sometimes when you’re out here on the road, you just forget like the importance of having a home. I just came home to a temporary spot until my house is built, but it’s still my home for now and I’m very inspired, very excited, you know? This just has me ready, ready to work.” he Said.

See It below.

Apply For 2018 Scholarships In USA

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