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Check out the 5-minute interview (below) and be sure to check out Beach House 3, if you haven’t done so already.

Sitting down for a 5-minute interview, the T.G.O.D. crooner talked about a few individual records off the album, including “Love U Better,” “Dont Judge Me” & “Ex” to name a few, before going on to talk about relationships, biggest misconception of himself, and more. He event went on to discuss his favorite television shows growing up, which he says was “Family Matters” and the episode where Urkel became the handsome Stefan.

When talking about his biggest misconception though, Ty says expresses that people think he’s a rapper, and that not once has he rapped in his life. “The biggest misconception people have of me is calling me a rapper. Because there’s not one song where you can name that I was rapping. It’s all been melody,” Ty said before adding “But my homie Rosenberg [from NY] pointed out, he said ‘bro your name is rappy,’” before he started laughing.

In addition, Ty also talked about “Famous Friends” the song off his new Beach House 3 album. When asked who is first “Famous friend” was, Ty informed us that VA singer Trey Songz was that man. He would go onto talk about how him & Trey first linked up years ago when he helped him write a song.

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